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⚠️ We're retooling SCHOLARS ALLIANCE for its 2019-20 edition. First time subscribers get the benefits listed below. Renewing members get a new slate of benefits to be announced in Jan 2020. IMPORTANT: members renewing at the $30 level will no longer get physical stuff. That level of support will be a digital-only subscription to support our ongoing sharing of new & archival work. Questions? Contact ⚠️

The original pitch —> Get our new album SCHOLARS on vinyl or CD — and put us on the path to making & releasing new music in a more sustainable way. (Bonus: new subscribers can opt for the new repress of RIPOSTE on limited edition orange vinyl instead!)

For $30 or more, you'll get a physical copy of our latest record in your preferred format — along with these extras:

► digital download of our entire back catalog

► VINYL BUYERS ONLY: first dibs at our limited edition SCHOLARS LPs—either yellow vinyl or black vinyl. (Your choice!) — Or you have have the option to get the re-press of our RIPOSTE LP on orange vinyl.

► CD BUYERS ONLY: you get a second CD at the $30 level. either a back catalog CD of your choice -or- a pre-order for a not-yet-announced collaborative project to be released in 2019

► subscriber-only access to download the #MondayMission improvisations which kicked off the creative process toward the making of SCHOLARS. these were formerly streaming on Soundcloud but now available exclusively to Scholars Alliance members.

► special subscriber-only communications directly from us, including news about forthcoming releases; notes from the road; and other stuff to be determined...including an ✨extra special thing✨for $80 subscribers.

► a 10% discount on any physical merchandise we offer through Bandcamp

We are extremely thankful for your support of & dedication to our project.

What you get:


  • For $30/year, you get everything above.
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  • For $50/year, you get everything above, plus:
    Receive an additional piece of physical music — either a second vinyl LP or a third compact disc. (We might even make cassettes if that's your jam.) You decide if it's a back catalog item or a future release. We'll communicate directly with subscribers that choose this option.
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  • For $80/year, you get everything above, plus:
    Eternal thanks and a ✨special thing✨ to be determined. This will probably be a physical thing — a zine, a t-shirt, an exclusive poster from an exotic tour stop — but we're also considering a special secret channel to send us your notes & questions, and turn this relationship into a two-way conversation. (Warning: It might be a weird conversation!)

    The nature of the ✨special thing✨ will be based on demand and your input. We hope to offer several options — and promise to unveil them by mid-year 2019.

    We'll try to make it worth your while. But mostly you'll have our gratitude for making future recordings a bit more possible.
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* Downloads are DRM-free and available in MP3, FLAC and more.

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